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Wayne's Tips

This is my list of tips to you from me. Some you may have seen elsewhere, some you may not have seen. So here is my Top 20 Tips.

  1. Only charge for shops and stalls, not rides*.
  2. Don't be afraid to raise your parks price 5-10 dollars when it says that it is cheap.
  3. Use a wide array of rides, not the same one's over and over, and over, and over, and.............
  4. Intertwine and overlap rides for more excitement. (I have acctually made a Cycle Monorail with an excitement rating of 9.98, Honest!)
  5. Charge for bathroom use.
  6. Don't think you have enough Handymen, Wait till you see someone litter, If a handyman doesn't clean it in 20 seconds or less, hire more.
  7. Only have so many handy men Mowing. If not all of them will mow and never do anything else.
  8. Have Coasters inspected very frequently.
  9. Put Brakes on coasters before the station with one plain piece of track between the brake sections and station. This way if the station brakes fail, the next train should pull in at 4 mph, not 40. No KABOOM, no life lost, people will still wanna ride, its all good!
  10. Time coasters apart to avoid crashes.
  11. Put lamps on your Queing Lines to keep Happiness Ratings up while guest are in line.
  12. Have a mechanic patrol between 3-5 rides. He should be able to get from one ride to the next in 15 seconds or less!
  13. Use Scenery heavily to increase Excitement in a ride.
  14. Build BIG, High Intensity coasters; Build small, Low Intensity Coasters; Please all guests; Wash your hands before you eat.
  15. Use transport rides wisely. Don't run a monorail in a circle, over 1200ft. for nothing.
  16. Use Roller Coasters as transport rides.
  17. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, Don't put all of your rides into any area 100 blocks square. (10x10)
  18. Use rides two, three, four times, just not close together.
  19. Theme rides appropriatly, Don't Call a Flume in the Mine area THE SAHARA SPLASH and then surround it in Martian Theme objects.
  20. And Finally.......Watch out where the huskies go, don't eat the yellow snow. Not releavent to the game, But Frank Zappa thought it was important to know.

So there you have it in a nut shell, my tips to you. Have fun playing!

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