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Welcome to my download area. These are a couple hand picked trainers and patches that I have collected. Most of the trainers are for Added Attractions/Loopy Landscapes. All trainers require the Drexler Patch**.

** The Drexler Patch is needed to keep your computer from crashing while using the trainer. For some reason, RCT was programed to detect anything odd (cheats) and will display an error message and give you the boot if it does detect anything odd. The Drexler Patch stops this from happening to you. After all, you wanna play using them, not fight with your computer!

The Drexler Patch


Trg Trainer


Snowbound Trainer


Dragons IOA Trainer

This Is The Best One If You Ask Me.

Daylight Savings Patch

Replaces any information lost due to daylight savings.

Racer Maker

Makes a Mirror Track


Monorail Sound File

Try it, Not too Shaby


Picture Maker

Allows you turn a screenshot into a TP4 file so you can see a picture of you custom coasters. Hint: Black Background, press H key and V key while in Gameplay.


Use Your Favorite Music For Your Favorite Ride


Beast Trainer

This will let you do it all! Roads, Stack Scenery, Create Natural Disasters,....ect. But It has to be downloaded from the web-site of the owner. The Link will get you there.

Coaster Grotto

Hacking Cheats

Use Caution!!!


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